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15 Ways to Prepare for Your Blooming Season – Here are Tips 1-5!

I’m so excited about this blog/FB/IG Live series, as I truly believe that many of us are moments away from our blooming seasons!

So let’s get started – here are Tips 1-5 from my list of “15 Ways to Prepare for Your Blooming Season”:

  1. Find good ground.You may be the most well-intentioned seed, with all the potential in the world, but if you aren’t planted in the right place, you’ll never produce at the level you were created to – if you bear fruit at all. Click the image below to see yesterday’s video on the important of right placement for fruitfulness. And be sure to check out today’s episode of Wisdom Wednesday’s on the StepIn2Purpose Podcast for an interview that will inspire you to find good ground and shift to your place of purpose.

Find good ground.

StepIn2Purpose Podcast

2. Don’t fear the dirt. Stop worrying about people who speculate about your future potential (or lack thereof) based on what they see right now. They can heap all the dirt they can find on your name, but if you just keep growing, you’ll push right through it!

3. Shed the shell. Say goodbye to your comfort zone. That seed may be comfortable and familiar with that hard shell. But if it stays in there, it will never grow or produce anything.

4. Grow deep roots! Study. Listen. Read. Learn. Pray. Worship. Serve. “The deeper you go, the higher you can sustainably grow.”

5. Embrace the stretching. I know it feels like you’re being pulled even farther away from the “familiar”, but if you stay in what you’ve always known, you’ll eventually stagnate, shrivel up, and waste away. To resist the stretching, is to miss out on the necessary life upgrades to your knowledge, skill sets, patience, and capacity to learn and grow. Don’t limit yourself! There is more in you!

Stay tuned for the release of Tips 6-10, and be sure to check out my #IGTV channel to join the conversation!

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