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21 Days of Gratitude – Day 14: The Ones Who Won’t Let Me Quit

This is an incredibly late post, but I couldn’t go to sleep without expressing my gratitude for the people in my life who simply won’t let me quit. 

You care for me enough to let me give voice to my insecurities, shortcomings and mistakes, but refuse to let me live there (or even rest there too long). You help me acknowledge what went wrong in a given moment, while highlighting the areas where I’ve grown or excelled. 

Thank you for being in my corner, even when I end up in wrestling matches with myself. You remind me of my purpose and my God-given responsibility to be light in darkness, no matter the obstacles I’m facing. You hold me accountable to the promises I’ve made, and the people waiting for me to do the work I’ve been called to.

So before I close these sleepy eyes – here’s to the ones who just wont let me quit!

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