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21 Days of Gratitude – Day 18: Relationship

Tonight, I find myself reflecting on just how very grateful I am for the relationships in my life.

First and foremost, I am eternally grateful and utterly humbled by my relationship with God. To think that the Creator, the One who put the moon and the stars in place, and holds the world in His hands, love and desires to walk with someone so undeserving and unworthy as I am, literally brings me to tears. I would be lost without His voice and presence leading me! Whether it is through my time spent in His Word, or prayer time, or even by the people He has placed in my path along life’s journey, I’m so glad that His message comes through loud and clear, especially when I am most in need of direction.

I’m thankful for my family, my supportive husband and our two loving little boys. My life had been made infinitely richer and more meaningful by your presence. I’m honored to share this life with you!

I’m grateful for parents, sisters, brothers who love me, even in my most annoying moods, lol. I’m grateful for beautiful nieces, cousins who I’m also blessed to call my friends, aunts and uncles who cheer me on, from near and far. I’m especially honored by the presence of those who became our aunts and uncles by choice – you never needed to be blood to love us, and that means so much! I’ll forever be grateful to the greatest godparents a child could have – you chose to stand by me into adulthood, showering me with love and care long after the “take care of me if something happened to my parents” clause was unnecessary.

To my mentors, teachers, advisors, sponsors, advocates, and supporters – thank you for believing in me, and reminding me of my purpose when I’m tempted to forget.

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