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40 Days Lighter – A Look Back at Day 26: Baby Steps


One of the traps I have found it so easy to fall into on this 40 day journey is the need to get EVERYTHING just right all at the same time. And if we’re being honest, I think we all experience this urge towards perfection at some point or another in our lives.

Yet this need to make life look effortless or to be flawless in our execution on a particular goal, tends to produce a few negative, unwanted results, at least for me.

First, it tends to leave me paralyzed, stuck in a holding pattern of perpetual inaction. I find myself unable…or more accurately, unwilling to take the next step. Second, it makes all progress, no matter how “celebration-worthy” seem like it’s “just not good enough”. It limits my ability to see forward movement, in myself, and in those around me.

I fell into this trap yesterday, causing me to miss the beauty of the day. I found myself complaining, moody, and brooding.

One way to maintain a positive outlook on life, is to always count your blessings; to acknowledge that, in spite of all the things going wrong in a given moment, there is a whole lot going right.

For me, this means basking in my children’s joy and childlike wonder, no matter the number of misplaced toys. It’s loving on my spouse, even when we don’t see eye to eye. It’s being grateful to see another day, even when Murphy’s law seems to be at play. It’s being able to appreciate the multitude of opportunities to study, and learn and grow, even when the course material and learning process is hard, stretching me in ways I never imagined.

So I needed a night to course correct, to get back to center. My greatest desire for this journey is for Christ to be revealed in me, to learn to live and love as He does. And I was reminded by a friend that, while we are able to grow in leaps and bounds in certain areas of life, some changes require us to take “baby steps”. At times, the shaky, uncertain, teeter-tottering, duck waddle kind – but steps forward, none the less.

So here’s to a new week, putting one foot in front of the other, and moving forward.

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