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40 Days Lighter – Day 11: Retraining My Heart

In an earlier post I mentioned the weight loss process that I have been undergoing for the last 5 weeks (started prior to embarking on this 40 day journey). I have dropped 10lbs and lost upwards of 3 inches on my waist – which for me is amazing news!

Yet as thrilled as I am at the visible changes, that excitement cannot compare with the internal sense of well-being I am experiencing as a result of my changed habits. My food choices have changed, the way I think about exercise has changed, and ultimately my overall perspective on what it means to be “healthy” has changed. It has taken (what I initially considered to be extreme) discipline – shopping for the right things, cooking the right things ahead of time, waking up early for the gym, being accountable to my coach and workout partner. And there are still areas where I need to see desperate improvement – like getting enough sleep.

Still, the undeniable fact remains that my changed habits have changed me, more than in my physique. 

In the same way, this 40 day journey has brought me to a place where I realized that my heart was in need of re-training as well. As I continue to read through You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit, I was struck by the concept of worship (not just the thing that happens on Sunday morning while the music is playing), but real worship and intimacy with God as the means by which to “re-train” one’s heart to love the right things. And ultimately live the right way.

But just like with the health of my body, this re-training requires discipline – regularly and consistently making time to spend in God’s presence, diligently reading and meditating on the Word, being in intentional fellowship with other believers, and choosing to live out Christ’s love in all of my interactions.

I’m learning to declutter my lifestyle, eliminating the things that keep me from living out the discipline needed to change my heart – just like the junk I now choose to leave out my diet. I’m learning to embrace every and any moment to speak to the Lord and listen to hear what He’s saying – like how I sometimes do squats while listening to my lecture recordings. I’m determined to pick up my Bible and journal to meditate on the Word and write, more than I pick up my phone to check email or social media – just as I’ve traded every glass of juice (and then some) to get my daily intake of water.

My heart is in training, and I look forward to a future where I reflect on this moment in time, and I can see the “spiritual weight” that has dropped off me.

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