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40 Days Lighter – Day 13: Working My Why

Today, just for a small moment, I needed to remind myself of what this journey to being 40 Days Lighter is all about. After a deeply introspective conversation with a friend, reminding her that perfection is not a prerequisite to fulfilling her purpose, I felt the need to take my own advice. 

Throughout this journey, I’ve been reminded by my coach, mentor, and friends to “know my why” or “remember my why” or to “work my why”. At first I wasn’t sure why this message kept making its way to me, but now a few weeks into this process, I understand.

It’s easy to get hung up on the inches I’ve lost or pounds I’ve dropped. It’s easy to get carried away with decluttering and organizing my house that I don’t leave room for ordinary living – for little boys who play with dinosaurs on my living room floor, for a tired husband who happened to put his shoes to the side of the couch instead of on the stand, or even for a tired mama – aka me – to get rest instead of stressing about all the things to be done. 

It’s all too easy to forget to remember that ultimately this journey is about making room for God to be glorified in my life – by my health, care for my family, ministry, and professional endeavors.

It’s easy to forget that this journey isn’t about changing anyone but the woman in the photo at the top – to see her smile wider, laugh louder, love harder, and live longer, if God allows.

So tonight, I will rest in knowing that I am a work in progress, and that the One who started this work in me is faithful to complete what He started. 

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