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40 Days Lighter – Day 14: Keep Going. This is NOT the End.


“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6

Put your hand over your heart. Is it still beating? Yes? Then this message is for you.

You are here for a reason. Your life has purpose. And even though that goal seems too lofty, that achievement too distant, those plans – all but impossible, the call on your life – unanswerable, I have 4 words for you.


Today, I was reminded that sometimes we give up, tap out, just before we reach that next level. My 5 year old son wanted to watch a movie last night, and since we knew that school was cancelled today with the impending snow, my husband and I told him that it was fine. Naturally, however, as a sleepy 5 year old attempting to watch tv past his bedtime, he fell asleep before the movie reached its end.

This morning, as he wiped the sleepiness out of his eyes, ready to start the fun of a snow day, he remembered that he didn’t see the all of the movie, and exclaimed to my husband “Dad! The movie didn’t finish!”. Of course, we both chuckled to ourselves, but then my husband responded, with all the seriousness he could muster, “Oh, the movie finished. You just couldn’t hang. You couldn’t wait to see the end, and you fell asleep.”

How many times have we been given a divine assignment, a life-changing opportunity, or a deeply impactful project – with all the ideas and possible positive outcomes to boot, only to get daunted, wearied by the task somewhere in the middle. We decide that we can’t hang, the process is too long, too hard, we’re tired, we don’t have time, we just can’t do it.

And then, during our time of prayer, we go to God, like my 5 year old son, saying “Hey God! Hey Daddy! What’s up?! I thought this was the moment, the opportunity, the project, the assignment that would change my life?! I thought this would turn everything around. I was working hard, but it didn’t bear any fruit! It didn’t get finished!

And He, like my husband, as a loving Father, gently responds, “Hey daughter! Hey son! There was an expected end, but you just couldn’t hang. You fell asleep, you slacked off, you gave up.”

Tonight, I just want to remind you: “Don’t fall asleep before you get to the end.”

There is more in store for you. And tomorrow is another day to try again. Don’t give up.

You can do this.




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