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40 Days Lighter – Day 28: Worth the Weight-loss

What are you worth?

It seems like a silly question to be asking myself, because we so often place the determination of worth in the hands of those around us. We constantly question if others can see our worth, or complain that we are not “valued” by those to whom we give of ourselves.

I have already acknowledged that I have worth, that I am valuable and that my life has meaning and purpose found in God alone. Yet I’ve come to realize that it is not enough to have this knowledge by itself. Our decisions must reflect this sense of worth. If I am to see myself as God sees me, as I have been encouraged in my devotional reading over the last few nights, then I need to see the way I treat myself differently.

For me, this is more than just saying I’m royalty or I’m a queen. But sometimes, truly embracing our worth means making difficult or challenging decisions that will benefit us in the long run. Sometimes, it means doing what is uncomfortable in the moment because we know that we are worth more than what we have allowed ourselves to obtain.

So I answered my question:

I am worth 5 am gym sessions.

I am worth the time it takes to cook a nutritious meal at home.

I am worth the minutes or hours I dedicate to reading, reflecting, and writing to release my soul.

I am worth missing that t.v. show to work on my books.

I am worth giving up the cake so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

I am worth losing the weight, the baggage, the distractions, so that I can run my race with endurance.

I am worth running to win. 


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