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40 Days Lighter – Day 32: Real Worship

“If worship does nothing else for us, it helps us discover the things that are important. Real worship will transform your life.” – Warren Wiersbe

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

This single quote has become incredibly relevant in the course of my journey to being 40 days lighter. As I gain proper perspective on the preeminence of Christ in my life – the fact that He is first in my life – everything else seems to find its proper order, which in turn is truly life-changing.

There is so much beauty to be found when we take our eyes off of the distractions, the obstacles, the difficulties in life, and even our own inadequacies, and just bask in God’s presence.

Tonight, that alone is my aim. To spend time in worship, gazing on the One who is altogether beautiful, and wonderful, and worthy of my worship.

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