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40 Days Lighter – Day 34: Momentary Encounter turned Lifelong Adventure


Image Credit: @simplegreensmoothies 

I can hardly believe that I’m in the final “official” week of this 40 day journey!


What started as a moment of inspiration thanks to a Facebook post from a friend, has transformed into a journey that I believe I will be taking for all my days to come.

Over the last 34 days, I have learned that my body deserves more care than I was giving it, can take more than I expected of it, and is capable of much more than I imagined.

I have discovered where my heart’s longings, my desires, my “loves”, were out of alignment, crippling my faith walk, and stunting the growth of my relationships.

I have found joy in eating the right “stuff” for the right reasons, allowing myself to feel, acknowledge, accept and release my roller-coaster like emotions, rather than merely sedating them with cake.

I will forever be grateful for the day that enough finally became enough; the day I finally realized that I had “everything I needed” to change (thanks coach).

So tonight, as I settle down for the night, having let the hot water run on sweetly sore muscles from a winning workout, washing the sweat away, I will rest, knowing that the excuses have gone down the drain too.

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