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40 Days Lighter – Day 35: Love that Lightens the Load

Among the most joyous parts of this journey so far has been the effect that decluttering my physical, mental and emotional space has had on our marriage.

Somewhere between saying “With this ring” and our 6th anniversary, our relationship seemed to pick up a lot of clutter. From one baby to grad school, immediately to another baby, to another job – life’s changes had done a number on our relationship compass, and we found ourselves pulling in different directions. Suddenly, the clarity and calm we felt as we said our vows, was exchanged for the burdensome “ball and chain” sentiments. Somewhere along the way, our lines of communication got mixed up, resulting in a never ending round of “can you hear me now?”, seemingly yelled from one planet to another, existing in 2 different worlds – under one roof.

Yet as we have both made efforts to declutter our time, our priorities, our room (this one has been absolutely magical – we have OUR space back), the backlog of emotional junk we’ve just been sweeping under the rug – we have begun to experience the return of that sense of clarity and calm we once cherished.

Recommitted to being partners in life, love, and now, in losing weight, we are forging ahead into a bright future, our steps more sure, our heads held high, because the burden is lighter when we lift together.

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