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40 Days Lighter – Day 5

Each day of this challenge, I am struck by the internal awareness that the act of clearing one’s space brings. I don’t think I understood the full impact that the clutter was having on my ability to think, plan, and do, until I experienced the freedom of more space to move. Who knew that my bedroom floor actually provided enough space for a decent workout?!

How much more freedom would we experience in our schedules, relationships, studies, and the overall pursuit of our goals if we let go of the clutter of our lives? What if we could release the non-essential tasks, the forced/unhealthy interactions, the tv/social media/random web-surfing time used to keep us from having to deal with the “important stuff”? What if – and this was a hard realization for me – but, what if we let go of the unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves and others? How much easier would we sleep at night?

As I ask myself these questions, I will be making efforts to incorporate them into this 40 day experience.

I have been deeply challenged by these last five days of my journey to being 40 Days Lighter. And I look forward to the moments of clarity to come in the next 35 days.

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