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40 Days Lighter – Day 8: I’ve been meaning to…

“I’ve been meaning to…”

“You know, I really should…”

“Someday I will…”

These are statements that I’ve used so many times in my life that I’d be filthy rich if I had a dollar for every instance. 

I believe it is fair to say that some of the clutter in our lives, we create ourselves. Every time we have a dream, vision, goal, or simply a tedious but necessary task that we decide to put off and get to it “eventually”, which exists in the land of “never”, we cast something precious into an overflowing pile of unfinished business.

I have long left a trail of dropped dreams, abandoned visions, and forgotten possibilities. Needless to say, as I assessed the areas of clutter in my life, this one came up for review, putting a glaring spotlight on what is keeping me from holding on to my dreams, goals and visions with a tighter grip. 

What I found is that I have been cunningly comforted by the lie of “later”. Later goes by different names, depending on who you ask – some of us know Later as “Next Time”, “Tomorrow”, or “Someday”. Later is like that friend that always says “I’ll be there!”, but never actually shows up. Later holds a promise of fulfillment, yet often leads to disappointment. Later is married to Procrastination who gives birth to Frustration, Failure and Fear. 

Note that I am not referring to waiting patiently, especially on God and His timing. 

I am talking about the conscious decision to intentionally delay action because we think that a more “convenient” moment awaits us. Not a more appropriate moment, not even a more meaningful moment, a convenient one. And if there is anything I’ve learned about procrastination, it ONLY leads to inconvenience.

If we are always waiting for later” we will miss the blessing and miracle of NOW.

So with this understanding in mind, I have committed to dealing with the unfinished business that has accumulated in my life. Stifling my inspiration, killing my creativity, inserting doubt in even the most well-thought out ideas. 

No longer will I postpone the writing of books just waiting to be released from the prison of my imagination, longing to leave thought bubble and manifest in ink on paper. No longer will I sit in silence, when my voice longs to be heard, and has an audience straining to hear it, waiting for the wisdom of the words that I have been given to speak into lives in transition. No longer will I suppress the dance that desires to fill my feet in praise, worship and adoration of the One who created me so creatively to the glory and honor of His Own Name.

As a matter of fact, tonight, I’m happy to say that I took care of one piece of unfinished business – sharing a small portion of what I have to say via livestream! You can check it out on Periscope, if you’d like, and be sure to follow, because I’ll be back!
I’m ready to give up my life of litter – dropping things I’ve started all over the place, before they even have a chance to take their proper shape. 

I’m ready to produce good fruit, the fruit of a life lived 40 Days Lighter.

Ready to join me on my journey to being 40 days Lighter? Check out the challenge that inspired my journey, and my Day 1 post!

2 thoughts on “40 Days Lighter – Day 8: I’ve been meaning to…

  1. This is really blessing me…thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank God! I’m so glad to hear that. And thank you for reading!

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