So here we are…

“Prior to taking my 40-day journey to living lighter, I became intensely and unsettlingly aware of a heaviness I couldn’t shake, in my body, mind, heart and life. I felt weighed down, and struggled to move forward into the next season of my life, despite sensing the blowing and stirring of the winds of change. … Continue reading So here we are…

Thank You (and how YOU can get involved)!

For a writer filled with so many words, this morning I found myself speechless, without the adequate means to express my sheer joy and utter gratitude to God, and all of you. In the last day and a half, I have received so much encouragement, love, and support as I shared my dreams and vision … Continue reading Thank You (and how YOU can get involved)!

BIG Beautiful Birthday News!

Today is my birthday and I couldn't be more excited to share some amazing news with all of you, my phenomenal family, friends, readers and supporters! Earlier this year, I embarked on an ongoing journey to a healthier life - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have spent countless hours reading, reflecting, praying, journaling, and … Continue reading BIG Beautiful Birthday News!

Getting that Résumé RIGHT (Part 2)

I hope you found yesterday's resume writing tips helpful. Here are Tips 6 to 10. Enjoy, and happy writing! 6.  You’re looking for the right job, but is your resume doing the same?  I've come across many individuals who are looking for new opportunities and positions within their existing field or to break into new … Continue reading Getting that Résumé RIGHT (Part 2)

Getting That Resume RIGHT! (Part 1)

Hey Everyone! It has been a VERY busy 3 weeks since we last spent some time together. I’m sure many of you, like me, have been hard at work, lost in the world of term papers and finals, waiting with bated breath for the end of the semester. For some of you, the coming weeks … Continue reading Getting That Resume RIGHT! (Part 1)

Late Night Thoughts: Timeout for TLC

During my 40 Days Lighter journey, I shared my struggle with embracing self-care.  There always seemed to be something "more important" to be done. Of course, couldn't be further from the truth. Last week, I missed a couple workouts, for a variety of reasons. So yesterday, during a "tough love" conversation with my coach, he … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts: Timeout for TLC