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15 Ways to Prepare for Your Blooming Season

I truly believe that many of us are moments away from our blooming seasons!

So to help us get ready, here is my list of “15 Ways to Prepare for Your Blooming Season”:

  1. Find good ground.You may be the most well-intentioned seed, with all the potential in the world, but if you aren’t planted in the right place, you’ll never produce at the level you were created to – if you bear fruit at all. (Click the image below to go deeper on this topic).

Find good ground.

2. Don’t fear the dirt. Stop worrying about people who speculate about your future potential (or lack thereof) based on what they see right now. They can heap all the dirt they can find on your name, but if you just keep growing, you’ll push right through it!

3. Shed the shell. Say goodbye to your comfort zone. That seed may be comfortable and familiar with that hard shell. But if it stays in there, it will never grow or produce anything.

4. Grow deep roots! Study. Listen. Read. Learn. Pray. Worship. Serve. “The deeper you go, the higher you can sustainably grow.”

5. Embrace the stretching. I know it feels like you’re being pulled even farther away from the “familiar”, but if you stay in what you’ve always known, you’ll eventually stagnate, shrivel up, and waste away. To resist the stretching, is to miss out on the necessary life upgrades to your knowledge, skill sets, patience, and capacity to learn and grow. Don’t limit yourself! There is more in you!

6. Seek the light. Like a plant that stretches in the direction of the sun, be willing to look for the opportunities even when you are facing obstacles. 

7. Keep looking up. No more living with your head hanging low like a wilted flower. Find people and spaces that allow you to live a well-watered life, giving you the strength to keep facing the right direction. Better is on the way if you can keep your gaze lifted toward the horizon.

8. Be patient. Growing anything of value takes time – and that goes for you too. Be patient with your process, your progress, and your promise.

9. Stand tall. Don’t be afraid to be authentically you and stand out! 

10. Protect your petals. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel small. Block out the words of the people who would make you insecure about your uniqueness, your gifts, your generosity, or your way of seeing the world.

11. Celebrate your style! You were never meant to look like every other flower in the garden. You were created with purpose, on purpose, and for a purpose. 

12. Cultivate your creativity. Be sure to seek out opportunities to be nourished well – mind, body, soul, and spirit. You can’t serve on empty, so if you are going to create and produce whatever you were called to, you need to give yourself the chance to grow.

13. Get to know the Master Gardener. You can’t truly get to know yourself until you get to know your Maker. As you get to know God’s heart for you, you will see the beauty, worth, and value He sees in you too.

14. Let go of your need to be normal. Just because dandelions grow in abundance and are sometimes more easily seen doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the rare flowers growing nearby. Normal is overrated. The qualities that set you apart are the ones that make you extraordinary.

15. Be bold and BLOOM! Don’t hold back who you are or dim your light to make anyone else comfortable. Just as our eyes adjust to the light, those around you will eventually adjust to your shine – or look away!

Season 3 – Episode 7: Werk, Werk, Werk (There's No Substitute for Doing the Work!) StepIn2Purpose – Wisdom Wednesday’s

At some point, the only thing left to do is to DO the work. Over the course of this season, we've talked about the need to shed our shell and leave our comfort zone behind. We've reflected on the relationships we need to grow. We've found the courage to dream again, examined the importance of planning and preparing, and we were encouraged to shift our mindset. Yet after all of that, the outcome of all of our development is totally dependent on our commitment to DOING THE WORK.  On this last episode of Season 3, we're talking about engaging our heads, listening to our hearts, and extending our hands to get this work done! Instagram: StepIn2Purpose Facebook: Andrea St Louis Websites: and Book Accountability Coaching Session:  (Select Shed the Shell Accountability Coaching Consultation, 15 min) — Send in a voice message:
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15 Ways to Prepare for Your Blooming Season Intro

Spring is here, the weather is slowly warming, and after a cold winter, many of us are looking forward to brighter days filled with activity.

Even as the trees turn from bare, brown branches to growing fresh green leaves, it’s a reminder that we have also been waiting for the manifestation of our prayers, plans, and preparation.

Maybe you think your career goal is far off.

Maybe you think that you’ll never get past that writing block to finish that book.

Maybe you’re feeling like you’ll never get the resources to start that business.

Maybe your dream hasn’t come to life just yet.

Let me encourage you — your blooming season is on the way!

It can be so tempting to just give up on a vision we can’t touch with our hands, or a dream we can’t seem to reach. In an effort to save ourselves the disappointment, we decide to put our plans on the “back burner” of our minds, and relax our efforts.

However, what we do now, while we wait, determines the quality and impact of our harvest. How you treat your growth process matters! What you do today sets the tone for how you live tomorrow.

You could be right around the corner from the moment that will change your life.

Are you ready for that door you’ve been praying for to open?

Are you prepared to put in the work to reap the harvest you’re expecting?

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing 15 ways that you can get ready for your #BloomingSeason through blog posts, Facebook/IG Live, and inspiring email releases.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we get ready to #BLOOM!

For more inspiration and encouragement on your journey to #transformation, pick up my new #eBook, The Beauty of the Bloom: Keys to Embracing Your Journey to Transformation.

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