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In the (Momentary) Silence – My Pledge

When I was in elementary school, every day had the same routine: go to your seat, put your pencils and notebooks in your desk, stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance, and then there would be a moment of silence, prior to taking our seats. Back then, in my limited youthful understanding, this was a mundane, ritualistic observance, repeated out of sheer habit on my part, and tradition on the part of those who required our participation. Now as an adult, I am well aware that we were being asked to pause to remember, and appreciate the freedoms afforded to us by the sacrifices of others in our country. Yet even as I sit here, awake in the silence of my home while my son and husband slumber, my mind has brought me back to this seemingly insignificant part of my childhood existence – and with good reason.

Consider this:  What if each day, before we ran full steam ahead into the challenges that awaited us, we took a moment to settle ourselves, organize our thoughts, make a pledge to ourselves to be the best WE can be, and participated in a moment of silence to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made to get us to this point? Would this change the way we approach our day, or tackle the obstacles that come our way? The answer to that question is an emphatic YES!

With each new dawn we are blessed to see, we have a brand new opportunity to forge a new path for ourselves. And no, this won’t require making major, life-altering changes for everyone. For some of us, it is simply a challenge to take stock of where we have been, thoughtfully contemplate our current position in life, and give ourselves a little breathing room to determine our next steps.

So as this new day has begun, join me in making this promise:

 “I will start each day by pausing to quiet my mind, heart and spirit; organizing my thoughts to identify the positive and eliminate the negative; pledging to be the ME that I desire to be; and observing a moment of silence, saying goodbye to the old, expressing appreciation for the present journey, and wholeheartedly embracing the new.”

Peace & Love,


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