Are you ready to live lighter? 

40 Days Lighter

40 Days Lighter is a daily invitation to set aside the clutter, distractions, and burdens you’ve carried for so long, leaving them at Christ’s feet. It is a call to lighter living, laying down the cares that make you weary, leading you into God’s rest, and empowering you to experience true freedom!


Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from becoming the person you were created to be?

Do you feel weighed down by past experiences and unresolved emotions?

Have you struggled to find room in your life to think, breathe or create?

Then this book is for you!

Inspired by Andrea’s real-life journey to being 40 days lighter, this book contains strategies to help you:

• Rejuvenate your prayer life and encourage you to fall in love with God’s Word again.
• Declutter your space – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
• Reflect on your vision for your life in meaningful ways that produce actionable steps to make changes.

Filled with personal insights from the author’s life, scriptural application, and poignant questions for reflection, this devotional is the perfect resource for anyone looking to reset their purpose journey and lighten their spiritual and emotional load along the way.

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The morning of Thanksgiving 2016, I woke up to the realization that I was lost, disappointed with my life, and literally feeling sick thanks to my physical and spiritual condition. 

Triggered by an argument and communication breakdown in my relationship, I found myself spinning in circles. I was spiraling as I attempted to halt the flood of memories, emotions, and overwhelming fear gushing to the surface with identity eroding force. I felt like I was losing my grip on my purpose–my very reason for being–as the voices of my failures and shortcomings grew ever louder.

I was tired of fighting to prove my worth, my value; trying to be “enough” in a world that constantly screamed that I needed to be something “more” to be loved, accepted or successful. I was weary from carrying so much baggage—a defense mechanism, I thought—like a snail protected in a shell. Except my pace had nearly slowed to a complete halt under the weight of all the resentment, unforgiveness, anger, and bitterness I carried. The shell I had built out of the rubble of broken past and present relationships in an attempt at self-preservation was beginning to imprison me. Rather than shielded, I found myself locked in with the criminals of doubt, fear, rejection, and inadequacy, all the while blocking out the voice of the One who promised to be my Shield and my Defense.

I knew I needed to unload. It was time to release the people and experiences that I held responsible for my brokenness. I needed to let go of my negative self-perception, tap out of my losing fight to convince myself that I was better than the ones who hurt me, all the while feeling absolutely inferior.

I needed to get lighter, to shed the weight that refused to let me run on and see what the end will be. I needed to move forward.

And so began my journey to being 40 Days Lighter.