The Beauty of the Bloom

Just in time for Spring, The Beauty of the Bloom: Keys to Embracing Your Journey to Transformation is here to inspire you to embrace your unique, God-ordained journey to transformation, remind you to stay in the process because it’s necessary, and encourage you to hope again as you wait for your appointed time to BLOOM!

Written for those who wrestle with the lack of finesse or downright ugly sides of change, you will be encouraged to see the beauty being revealed in you and gain practical tips to maintaining your perspective as you grow!

The process of putting down roots may be not be as attention-grabbing, attractive, or awe-inspiring as the sight of great height, expansive branches, full foliage, and breath-taking blooms. Yet the latter, without the former is nothing more than a beautiful liability.

Your process of setting a good foundation, going deeper in your knowledge of your area of passion, establishing a healthy network of support, and soaking up all of the experience you can get may not get you awards or accolades.But with a firm foundation, you’ll outlast anything that produces fruit before it takes root.

Don’t be discouraged in your time of studying, building, and learning behind closed doors. Your blooming season is coming, and your impact will be seen and felt.

This book will take you on a journey through your own experiences of being hardened and hidden away, only to be opened, exposed, and unleashed into the light of day to reflect God’s glory in the earth. In need of encouragement and inspiration as you wait for your time to bloom? The Beauty of the Bloom: Keys to Embracing Your Journey to Transformation is available in the Amazon Kindle store for just $2.99 right now!