40 Days Deeper – Day 2: Are You Grounded?

If we are going to live free, we need grounding in our lives as well! Sometimes, life can simply get chaotic, and circumstances, emotions, or activity that is normally in our control, become out of control. We experience sudden surges in anxiety, disappointment, fear, or anger. And if we are not properly grounded - in God, in family, in solid, healthy, life-giving relationships and friendships, we find ourselves overpowered by the surge of negative emotions or thoughts...

40 Days Deeper – Day 1: Grounded

If there is one thing I know for sure, for a tree to grow and remain for many years, its roots must grow deep before it grows tall - otherwise, what will sustain it as it begins to bud and bear fruit? Without deep roots, parts of the tree would dry up, or a strong wind may uproot it all together. I get how that tree feels. So today, I begin a new journey - I'm going deeper.