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What’s in Your Hand?

“And Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me; what have you in the house?” And she said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.””

‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This is a post for those who feel like they have nothing to offer, or that what you do possess is of little or no value.

Too often in life, it can be so easy to see what everyone else has going for them, yet miss the innate abilities or unique opportunities we’ve been given. Truth be told, some of us devalue our time, skill sets, and very presence because life – whether through other people or a seeming lack of success – has somehow caused us to believe we have nothing to give.

Our resources appear too few to share, our knowledge mistaken for basic common sense. From where we sit, it just feels like we are continually falling short – in experience, expertise, education, or exposure. You know – in all the areas that all the career and success experts out there tell us we need to be building ourselves.

Yet this morning, I’d like to challenge each of us to experience a life-altering chance of perspective.

Is it possible that the secret to your success is already within your grasp?

Over the last few days, I made note of my own previous undervaluing of both my skills and my potential. I like the woman 2 Kings 4 looked around my proverbial “house” and didn’t see anything with the tangible ability to improve my family’s future.

I mean, yeah I love to write, but who wants to listen to what I have to say? Sure, sometimes I give good advice, but I think I just get lucky that I’m right. Yes, I went to school and got an MBA, but look at the news – those are a dime a dozen – am I right?!

I was living with the mindset of “I have nothing except…” I saw the little I had, so small and alone and incapable of doing anything, until God breathed a word into my soul. He reminded me that He is a multiplier, that He can take the little I have, bless it, break it, and then cause it to increase. God reminded me that as I poured myself out to others – with all the gifts He’s places in me, no matter how small they seemed – He would allow His divine inspiration to continue to flow.

David facing Goliath had a smooth stone.

Moses looking at the Red Sea had a walking stick.

The little boy in the crowd of 5,000 had five loaves and two fishes.

This woman in 2 Kings 4 had just a jar of oil. Yet, on the instruction of the prophet Elisha, she borrowed all the vessels she could from her neighbors, and that little oil just kept flowing until she had enough to go and sell and pay off her debts.

What is in your hand? Look deep inside, open your heart to hear God prompting you, and go change your life!

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Getting that Résumé RIGHT (Part 2)

I hope you found resume writing tips 1-5 helpful. Here are Tips 6 to 10 to help make your resume shine. Enjoy, and happy writing!

6.  You’re looking for the right job, but is your resume doing the same? 
I’ve come across many individuals who are looking for new opportunities and positions within their existing field or to break into new industries and fields. Yet upon reviewing their resume, it would appear that they are only qualified for their current role – and those are the calls they receive from recruiters.

Be sure that your resume includes the correct skill set, industry language, and demonstrated expertise or education for the position you are looking to obtain.

Are you a recent graduate looking to”get your foot in the door” in an entry level role? Show how your education, internship, job-shadowing opportunities, and Yes!, even your fast food restaurant experience, campus ambassador, or babysitting gig have prepared you for this new role!

7.  Less is more.

While the “1 page rule” no longer holds absolutely true, you want to be sure that everything on your resume is relevant and adds value.

If there are positions that are more than 10 years old, but irrelevant to your career path, you may want to consider skipping these.

Have you held relatively similar positions with increasing responsibilities from year to year?  Show what is unique about each role or position, without creating a repeating mundane list of duties.

8.  Think bigger – website and video resumes are totally a thing!

Beyond your paper resume, there are now other more creative and “stand out” mediums to tell your story and land that position.

Not that paper is no longer important – despite this wonderful digital age, the paper resume hasn’t entirely faded into antiquity – so don’t ditch it just yet.

Just consider that most employers and recruiters are receiving resumes from other similarly qualified applicants with identical credentials and education.

This is another opportunity to get “face to face”, and show more than a sheet or two of paper will allow, even when you haven’t actually met in person!

9.  Don’t count yourself out!

This is a big one! So many people discount the value of their experience, skills, education, unique areas of specialty, cross-cultural background, leadership abilities, and the list goes on!

Never undervalue or devalue your past accomplishments, present efforts and future potential. 

You’ve studied, you’ve worked hard, you’ve taken your own time to become an expert using YouTube even. Whatever the path you’ve taken to get here, make it count!

10.  Remember that a phenomenal resume can’t replace good character, a stellar reputation, excellent work ethic, or the benefits of hitting the pavement and meeting your “door openers” in person!

This is probably the most important tip I have to give. A well-written resume can’t undo the damage of poor work habits or unprofessional conduct. You are your best branding statement, elevator pitch, and walking, talking, living resume!

Again, I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and wish you the best as you pursue your next opportunity!


Maybe you’re ready to take your next big step, but resume writing just isn’t your thing, StepIn2Purpose Consulting is here to help! I’d love to help you tell your story and prepare for your next move!

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Getting That Resume RIGHT! (Part 1)


Hey Everyone!

As a career-focused lead adjunct professor, with experience in staffing and recruiting, I have a passion for helping people looking to make a change – job hunters, career changers, purpose seekers — to tell their story through well-written, professional and effective career documents.

As we continue to push towards our purpose, and crush those 2018 goals, I want to make sure that you are prepared to take your next big step in your career. So here are my Top 10 tips for Getting that Resume RIGHT and getting ready for your next amazing OPPORTUNITY!

1. How Does It Sound?

Read what you’ve written. Now read it again. Now read it OUT LOUD. If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. And just because it sounds right, doesn’t mean it IS right. Spell Check, Grammarly, a Dictionary or Thesaurus are ALL your friends. A second pair of eyes giving it a glance is always helpful as well!

2. Find the Shortest Route!

The shortest route from one point to another is a STRAIGHT LINE. Don’t attempt to take your audience – especially a swamped recruiter or hurried employer – over the river and through the woods, up a mountain and down again before you get to your point. Is there is a shorter, more concise way to say what you need to say? USE IT.

3. Treat Your Resume Like a Pinterest Outfit – Make all the elements work together!

There is no shortage of advice for creating a stylish and sleek fashion ensemble – so here are your tips for a visually appealing resume worthy of a Pinterest post!

Keep your formatting and layout consistent throughout the document. Check your font types and sizes. Use graphic highlighting to your advantage.

4. Why should I care?

It can be tempting to just dump every experience you’ve ever had, credential you’ve earned, or activity you’ve participated in since high school onto your resume with the hope that someone will find value in that information.

However, if you don’t know why that statement on your resume matters, more than likely, no one else will either. Why does that degree matter? How did that experience make you a good candidate? Have you answered the “questions” about your qualifications implied in the job posting?

5. Who’s doing the hiring here?

Remember that you are writing for an audience – in this case, your potential next employer.

If I am asking you to pay me for something, do you want to know what I WANT out of the deal or how the transaction would benefit me? OOOOR – Should I be showing you why you want to make this purchase from me?

Are you telling your audience why they should hire you to be part of their organization? Have you taken inventory of what you are bringing to the table? You want to show the employer why it will be to their advantage to select you for that open position! Otherwise, you’re not only selling yourself short, but potentially shutting the door of opportunity in your own face.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful in your resume-writing process. Feel free to comment below if you are able to use any of these suggestions or if you have other resume questions!

Click here for Tips 6 to 10, to help make all of the amazingness you have to offer jump off the page!

Maybe you’re ready to take your next big step, but resume writing just isn’t your thing, StepIn2Purpose Consulting is here to help! I’d love to help you tell your story and prepare for your next move!

Complete the form for your FREE 15 minute resume consultation!