Getting that Résumé RIGHT (Part 2)

I hope you found resume writing tips 1-5 helpful. Here are Tips 6 to 10 to help make your resume shine. Enjoy, and happy writing! 6.  You’re looking for the right job, but is your resume doing the same?  I've come across many individuals who are looking for new opportunities and positions within their existing … Continue reading Getting that Résumé RIGHT (Part 2)

Getting That Resume RIGHT! (Part 1)

Hey Everyone! As a career-focused lead adjunct professor, with experience in staffing and recruiting, I have a passion for helping people looking to make a change – job hunters, career changers, purpose seekers -- to tell their story through well-written, professional and effective career documents. As we continue to push towards our purpose, and crush … Continue reading Getting That Resume RIGHT! (Part 1)