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Live FREE!

“So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.”

John 8:36 (MSG)

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”

Galatians 5:1 (MSG)

Live FREE.

As we come to the end of the first quarter of 2018, it can be tempting to fall back into the same traps that slowed our progress in past years. I have become vigilant in identifying and rejecting the broken cycles of fear and doubt that once held me captive, threatening to ensnare me once again.

Walking out our journey to lighter living, means being intentional about maintaining our freedom. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us in life, but we have been given the power to respond to life in a way that maintains our freedom.

Today, refuse to be entangled in situations, conversations, relationships, commitments, habits, or thought patterns that draw you away from God, and lead you back into bondage.

Rejoice in the freedom we have received, paid for with Christ’s sacrifice on an old rugged cross, and released to us by His resurrection from the grave.

Let God’s reckless love overtake you today, and live lighter!

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40 Days Lighter – Day 37: Staying Inspired


Inspiration for the Journey Ahead

As this 40 day journey – which I now realize is simply the start to a new chapter in my life – quickly comes to a close, I have been pondering practical ways to continue to live out the lessons I’ve learned, and maintain the changes I have implemented.

I am privileged to have an amazing coach who continues to provide guidance on improving my physical health and encouraging me on my fitness journey. I also now have two committed and inspiring workout partners, who am I honored to also call family, and they help to keep me motivated in the gym.

As I stated in a previous post, I’m more than grateful that my husband and I are now on this weight loss and decluttering journey together, and I look forward to seeing how our love continues to grow and blossom in this season.

I am abundantly blessed to have a multitude of mentors, dear friends, fellow sojourners, and supportive onlookers who continue to encourage me, uplift me, and push me to become my best self.

But the truth is, the only inspiration that will make a difference, the motivation that will last, is what comes from within. I have to believe that I am able to continue down this road. I have to have faith that the God who is doing a deeper work in me will bring it to completion. I am the one who must decide that my life will never be the same as it was prior to the start of this journey.

So how will I stay inspired on this journey?

Well, these are the promises that I have made to myself:

  1. I will continue to affirm who I am in God, searching His Word, and seeking His face to find out what HE has to say about me – and then I will repeat those words to myself, especially on days when the road gets rough, the sun won’t shine, and all I really want is a pity party with some cake.
  2. I will be an intentional participant in relationships that encourage accountability and communitynot just receive wisdom and encouragement, but also to give it. Because there is always someone who needs what you have.
  3. I will tell my story, without shame or regret. I will celebrate the changes that have taken place in my life without beating myself up that I did not make them sooner.
  4. I will treat this body as the most expensive, valuable, and irreplaceable asset I own – because it is. I will make sure that the care I give to it reflects the care that my Creator has for me. I will care for others in light of understanding how precious we all are in God’s sight.
  5. I will choose the meaningful and the necessary over the cumbersome clutter.



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40 Days Lighter – Day 36: Push Through It

Have you ever watched a toddler who really wants something, maybe a toy, or better yet, something they shouldn’t have, like a pen? If you have, then you’ll notice that they are unbelievably persistent, especially when they think no one is watching.

My 1.75 year old will stop at absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to reach my books and pens when he sees that there is any possibility that they might be within reach. He has been known to go and find the seat for his toy keyboard, some cushions to make a fluffy tower, or even a pile of stuffed animals – anything he can use to get a boost and reach his target.

And as you can see from the image above, once he has that pen in his hand, there is no question what he should be doing with it. As far as he is concerned, any light colored wall in this house is a blank canvas, and fair game for his artwork.

Terrible two’s or not, there is a lesson to be learned from the tenacity of toddlers – they don’t know when something is “too hard”, and they don’t know what it means to hold back. They fully love, hug and snuggle, or fully throw a tantrum. They love a certain food today, and demonstrate their absolute disdain for the same food tomorrow. Toddlers are ALL IN when it comes to life.

As I contemplated our son’s “artwork”, I was encouraged to push through the moments when my goal feels too far away, when I feel like there is too much weight left to lose, or too much work undone. I was inspired to approach challenges with a “make it happen attitude”, even if it took a million “stuffed animals” to get enough leverage to reach my goal. I was reminded that sometimes the difference between failure and success is laser-like focus – being unconcerned about what others “in the room” are doing, fixing my gaze on the prize and not the distractions.

As I tried to decide how to take this latest masterpiece off of the wall, I was emboldened to write my story, without reservation, when I finally achieved my goal – because there is someone who needs to hear it.