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Feeling stuck and struggling to move forward?

You might need a coach…

Do you need a sounding board for new ideas or fresh insight on ways to grow your career or expand your business?

Have you lost focus and you need someone to help you get back to your central purpose?

Are you ready to tell your story, but feen unsure about where to start?

I can help!

I’m a coach on a mission to help dreamers and leaders crush those comfort zones and take that next bold step into purpose…authentically.

I’m committed to journeying together as we shed our shells and learn to thrive in our relationships – with ourselves and with others.

What makes me different?

I’m deeply passionate about leaning into INTENTIONAL listening, to hear the HEART behind the words my clients, students, and colleagues share.

I believe those first steps on a journey to transformation are sacred and should be approached with compassionate attentiveness, curiosity, and courage

I draw my coaching superpowers from my:

    • Passion for living with purpose.
    • Faith.
    • Background in higher education, career development, mentoring, and entrepreneurship.
    • MBA education and life coach certification training.

I help my clients to:

    • Cultivate their purpose vocabulary.
    • Identify what is most important to them.
    • Name the limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.
    • Clarify their goals.
    • Define the steps needed to move forward.
    • Create an action plan.
    • Make the connections needed to find their tribe.

If you’re ready to get started, or want to know more, BOOK your FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session NOW!

Book Your FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session

Get ready to crush your comfort zones, shed your shell, and take your next, life-changing step into purpose!

About Andrea St. Louis

Andrea is a highly intuitive Coach, Writer and Business Consultant with a passion for helping clients to see themselves through her coaching and writing. She is committed to teaching others to embrace authenticity in sharing their stories and finding their “people”.

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