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It’s time to

Step In 2 Friendship!

Feel like your friendships aren’t quite giving what they’re supposed to give?

Does it seem like you’re coming up short in the friendship department, and you’re ready to grow?

Not where to start with finding and cultivating friendships?

I can help!

I’ve been leaning into friendship as part of my own development journey, and I’d love for you to join me as I share the lessons I’m learning, the truths I’m uncovering, and the treasure I’m discovering along the way.

Join the Step In 2 Friendship Group Coaching Program

(Enrollment for Cohort 2 is NOW OPEN! Program starts May 2022.)

    • Cultivate your friendship vocabulary with clear definitions of what friendship means to you.
    • Identify your must have’s, dealbreakers, and adjustment areas in your friendships.
    • Name the limiting beliefs and habits holding you back from thriving in your friendships and cultivating meaningful connections.
    • Create an action plan to intentionally invest in your friendship walk.
    • Discover opportunities to find your tribe.

Get Informed

The Step In 2 Friendship Conversation Series

The Step In 2 Friendship Conversation Series is an incredible lineup of essential friendship dialogues with special guest, hosted by yours truly, featuring culture-shifting voices from a broad range of life, faith, and professional experiences.

Be sure to subscribe to the StepIn2Purpose YouTube page so you don’t miss the next episode, and catch the replay of past episodes while you’re there!

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Get Growing

If you’re ready to grow in your friendships, click the “I’m in!” button to register for Step In 2 Friendship Cohort 2 and get started.

Join Cohort 2 of the Step In 2 Friendship Group Coaching Program

This virtual group coaching program is designed for an intimate cohort of women who are longing to experience flourishing and fruitfulness in their friendships – and are tired of taking this growth journey alone.

About Andrea St. Louis

Andrea is a highly intuitive Coach, Writer and Business Consultant with a passion for helping clients to see themselves through her coaching and writing. She is committed to teaching others to embrace authenticity in sharing their stories and finding their “people”.

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