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Hitting Restart


Our lives have become so technology driven.

Without my smartphone or tablet, I’d likely forget, more often than not, where I am supposed to be and with whom I’m supposed to meet – never mind the route I need to take to get there. We even have hands free devices so that we can continue our constant communication on the go.

To maintain optimal functionality, our devices eventually need to be recharged, restarted, or in the most aggravating of cases, “restored to its original settings”.

You know the point that I’m talking about – there are too many applications open on your smartphone, so it begins to drain the battery life, or the response time is much slower than it should be.

Or your laptop begins to beep at you and flash threatening messages about shutting down “mid-10 page paper,” if it is not connected to a power source in 10 minutes, which often feels like 2 seconds.

Or your iPad starts to crash because you’ve gone weeks without restarting it once – yikes!

And then, there’s the device that takes what seems like 15 minutes to restart, when you have something of the utmost importance to do, but it’s really your fault because the poor thing has gone way beyond its factory promised battery life without being charged.

If only such treatment were limited to our electronics, this post would not be necessary. Yet the truth is – We treat ourselves the same way!

We have too many applications running at once – busy, but not productive, and running around too much to remember what we were trying to accomplish in the first place.

Before we know it, our brains are sending the message – “Error. Your request has timed out”. We cannot effectively accomplish our goals because we are overwhelmed by non-essential tasks and commitments, distracting us from our central purpose by life.

Understanding who we desire to be, what we were created to do, and simply learning to say “No”, or “Not at this time”, can go a long way in helping us not to feel so pressured to make a life that we forget to live!

We fail to recharge our batteries, leaving us feeling drained and useless. After all, a dead device is just that – useless. It has the potential to fulfill its purpose, but no juice, no power to drive it. The device contains the information, resources or applications that someone needs, but has no energy to supply it.

Sound familiar?

When we go too long without replenishing our energy, we get jaded, fatigued with life, disinterested in our work, frustrated by our condition.

Yet many of us continue living in the same drained condition, waiting for the weekend – or our final breath, whichever comes first. And while I say that somewhat jokingly, this is the reality of our human condition. We only have now, we exist from moment to moment. Wouldn’t you prefer to fill each of those moments with purpose and passion, and turn potential into manifestation?

Sometimes, we just need to hit the restart button. There are moments when we need to close everything out, shut everything down, and pause to quietly refocus and recenter before powering up again with renewed insight and energy.

Is it time for you to Hit Restart?



P.S. What do you do to “recharge” or “restart”? Please feel free to comment and share. You never know if your idea might be the very thing someone else is searching for!

4 thoughts on “Hitting Restart

  1. During my “me time” I’m normally on my device! But the rare times that I’m not, I enjoy a little retail therapy, DIY projects , or trying something new with my natural hair. It’s so very important to recharge because as mothers and wives if we don’t, it negatively effects our family. I want to be around to cherish precious moments with them so it’s a necessity that I recharge! Thanks for the reminder.
    Be CHIC,
    MB- Moxie Bexie

    1. Thanks for sharing Moxie Bexie! I absolutely agree that self-care is critical to being able to be at our best for our loved ones.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog!

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