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My StepIn2Purpose Story

Only 7 years ago, I was working full time, but frustrated and stressed by the nagging feeling that I just wasn’t doing what I was created to do. My time and efforts, no matter how extensive, just were not producing the results I wanted for my family, my career, and even for my team at work. I was miserable, constantly exhausted, mentally spent, and emotionally checked out. I was stuck, not feeling a sense of purpose, and living for Friday to arrive. I needed a change, but I wasn’t sure what kind of change or how to make the first move.

Until God and life put me in a time out – 4 days of back to back issues that left me with no other choice but to stay home and ponder my path ahead. As I cried and prayed and reflected… and cried some more… I realized that I was looking for whole life fulfillment, but only considering part of the big picture. I slowly began to understand that if I used every employment opportunity I received the right way, no matter how small or insignificant, I could create a path to my place of purpose – the point where my passions, gifts, education, and calling converged. It was in this moment that the seeds that would grow and become StepIn2Purpose were planted in my heart.

As I began to take bold risks, and get creative about cultivating my gifts that were going unused in my customer service focused 9 to 5 role, doors of opportunity to discover career fulfillment I did not know existed, one by one began to open. I said YES! to assignments and projects that put me totally outside of my comfort zone. I learned more meaningful approaches to networking, so that I would develop and deepen mutually beneficial relationships that would last beyond a job opportunity.

I discovered my love for writing, and helping individuals to tell their story through their career documents, interview preparation, and even in everyday conversations. I recognized that with the right career strategy, I could tap into various aspects of my personal and professional interests, and find new ways to bring all of my interests together into a career journey that brought me joy. Most importantly, I allowed my faith to lead me, and I discovered that as I became more authentic, bringing my whole self to my work, rather than the compartmentalized version, my gifts began to make room for me.

I found that as I helped others to tell their stories, I became all the more clear on how to share my own, leading me to author two books along the way – 40 Days Lighter: A Devotional Journey for Women Determined to Life Free, and my most recent release – The Beauty of the Bloom: Keys to Embracing Your Journey to Transformation. I discovered my passion for teaching, speaking and coaching recent graduates, established professionals, and growing entrepreneurs towards personal and career success.

And you can take your own journey towards your place of purpose as well!

My mission through StepIn2Purpose Consulting is to help you to embrace your purpose, develop language for your calling, and find opportunities to flourish in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re looking for podcast episodes that inform and inspire, easy-to-use career development resources, encouraging blog posts, or a knowledgeable sounding board to help you strategize your next steps towards your future, I want to join you on your journey as you step into purpose!

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