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Purpose: Reflections on a Life Fully Lived

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Maya Angelou

As the world pauses for a moment to take in the news of the passing of the late Dr. Maya Angelou, only one word continues to ring in my head and my heart: Purpose. Purpose. Purpose. It’s almost as if I can hear her gentle, but strong voice, filled with the wisdom of the ancients, yet just as relevant today as when she first found her sound, whispering it in my ear.

Thanks to a great friend, I had the opportunity to see and hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak shortly after graduating college. I knew that I was listening to history in the making, heard her encouraging students, faculty, community leaders and government officials alike to become a part of that history; but it is now, as we reflect on her legacy that I understand the true significance of that moment.

To have the ability to accept the blows sometimes dealt by life, harness the hurt, and find the joy, the peace, the self-acceptance and compassion for others as Dr. Angelou did is an incredible gift. She inspired those of us who heard her message; encouraged us to know that the same ability, the same power lies within each of us. She urged us to write our own story, and today, I believe that she has taught us an even greater lesson: Your story will continue to be written, even when you have left the earth, based on the investments of love, the deposits of wisdom, the infusions of strength you have made in future generations.

So today, in honor of Dr. Maya Angelou’s memory, let us consider our purpose. Find it. Seek it out. Do not run from it. There’s a world out there waiting on you to step into your place.

Peace & Love

Andrea & Jasmine



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