40 Days Lighter Prayer Journal


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Inspired by the book, 40 Days Lighter:  A Devotional Journey for Women Determined to Live Free, this prayer journal helps you create a space to explore God's Word, gather your thoughts and target your prayers.

With thought provoking questions and writing prompts, action plan worksheets, and 40 pages of dedicated space to document your journey through the devotional, this is the companion resource you need!

Using this journal, readers will:

  • Learn to identify and come out of agreement with the lies the enemy tells about our identity, potential, purpose, and future.
  • Write down, meditate on, and memorize the truth of God’s Word that reveals, refutes, and rebukes every lie the enemy speaks.
  • Create a dynamic prayer list and life following the devotional and journal prompts, leading to openness with God and transformation.
  • Develop a plan for strategic faith-filled action based on the lessons learned, the lies exposed, the truths embraced, and prayers made.


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