“Shed the Shell” T-Shirt


Black, Medium, Women’s cut T-shirt with Yellow “Shed the Shell” design on front and small yellow StepIn2Purpose logo on the sleeve.

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Order your “Shed the Shell” t-shirt NOW, and declare to the world that you’re breaking free and leaving your comfort zone behind! Currently available in black, women’s cut style with yellow print.

You’ve been afraid, confined, held back by insecurity. It’s been so easy to just do what you know, because you’ve never seen it done the way it keeps showing up in your dreams.

But you know that it’s time. Your former place of comfort has become a prison to all that potential.

If you’re ready to break free, make this pledge with me:

I’m shedding the shell.
I’m abandoning my comfort zone.
I’m letting go of my self-imposed limitations.
I’m ready to live.
I’m ready to grow.
I’m ready for real – no more cheap imitations!

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