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Thank You (and how YOU can get involved)!

40 Days Lighter Cover

For a writer filled with so many words, this morning I found myself speechless, without the adequate means to express my sheer joy and utter gratitude to God, and all of you. In the last day and a half, I have received so much encouragement, love, and support as I shared my dreams and vision for my first book.

I truly believe this birthday will be a significant landmark in the overall timeline of my life. Something has tangibly shifted in the atmosphere, and I am ready to walk boldly in my purpose, and be everything that God has created and called me to be.

Thank you for being a part of the shift.

The response to the announcement of my upcoming book 40 Days Lighter: A Devotional Journey for Women Determined to Live Free has been incredible! Even more so, the number of requests to find out how you can support my publishing efforts have been mind-blowing. I am humbled by your love, generosity, and belief in the dream that God has given me.

So here are some ways to help me make this dream a reality:

  1. PRAYand keep praying – for me, and that God’s Presence would be evident in the writing, publishing and marketing process. Pray that this book would be a means by which God will mend hearts and change lives.
  2. SUPPORT – Share! Share! Share! Help me get the word out about 40 Days Lighter so that others can experience this journey to living lighter!
  3. GIVE – If you believe in this work, and can sow a seed into this project, I humbly appreciate and welcome your assistance. As a part time educator and part time seminary student, this book is a major investment, but one that I am believing will make an impact for the kingdom of God.

God has expanded the vision for this book in ways I never imagined, and as I partner with God in my obedience to do this work, I am believing that He will make provision for the vision.

With a grateful heart, here is the link to contribute towards this project:

Support 40 Days Lighter

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Andrea St. Louis

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40 Days Lighter – Day 30: THANK YOU!

Thank You

I honestly don’t even know where to start, but I needed to pause tonight, on DAY 30(!) to tell each and every one of you – my readers, my supporters, my encouragersa big, hearty, tear-filled THANK YOU!

I am amazed at the response to my decision to share this journey – it has been far beyond anything I even imagined or hoped for.

For every affirmation you have sent my way, letting me know that I am on the right path to fully embracing my purpose – THANK YOU!

For the unmistakeable sense of community – expressed through every “Yes! I was thinking the same thing!” or “I really needed this today!” or “Thank you for your transparency!” – THANK YOU!

To those of you who challenged me to go deeper – THANK YOU for pushing me beyond my own perceived limitations – in my writing, in my sharing, in my living.

For every time you read, you liked, you shared, you commented; every time you mentioned StepIn2Purpose to a friend, or made one of my pieces a topic of conversation – THANK YOU!

And more than anything, THANK YOU to my Father in Heaven, the Giver of good gifts – for not only placing within me the words to tell my story, and more importantly, the story of HIS love for us – but also, for giving me the gift of YOU.

We have 10 days to go in this 40 Days Lighter series, but the journey is far from over!

Stay tuned, (no really, stay tuned!), and keep stepping into purpose with me!