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This is MY Leap Year


As Leap Day 2016 comes to a close, and I pondered what I should write about, I decided to reflect on my hopes and expectations for this year.

Two months in, and this year has brought about a dramatic shift in my mindset, my expectations, my sense of inspiration and motivation. I’ve had an immense moment of clarity on what really matters, the people I care about the most and how I want my life to impact them, my commitment to pursuing my purpose with relentless faith, and my need to grow closer to the Lord in ways I’ve never experienced before.

This year, I choose to embrace this place that God has ordained for my life. I will be a wife that builds up my husband, a mother that raises loving, strong and generous sons, a sister and daughter committed to warring in prayer on the behalf of this generation, an professor deeply passionate about educating women, and a beautiful, caring, introspective and powerful women, who loves God, herself, and those around her with reckless abandon!

This year I will LEAP! I will leap over my self-inflicted limitations, I will leap over what I have always known, I will leap TO the other side, trusting that the God I serve will hold me up, or give my wings the strength to soar. 

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